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History of the Inn

History of the Inn

The History of the Inn for All Seasons

The Buildings History

The history of the original parts of the Inn (bar area) has found that it was built in the 1500’s and started out as 2 quarry cottages, quarrying stone for the Barrington estate of which it was then owned. It was turned into a coaching inn at some point in the 1700’s and extended  to accommodate travellers,  coach and horses as the now A40 would have been the main route between London,  the west country and Wales.

During this time it was named the Barrington New Inn and has carried on in much the same way transferring from the horse and coaches to the motor car. In the early 1960’s the estate sold The Barrington New Inn to a Jeremy Taylor who was a horse master and had worked on many films including Lawrence of Arabia, a Winters Tale and The Man for all Seasons, as homage to his career in the film industry he changed the name of the inn to The Inn For All Season and owned it for many years.

In 1986 John and Jill Sharp bought the inn and ran it successfully until retiring in 1995 at which time their son Matthew Sharp and his now wife Heather took over responsibility.

As the now owners we hope you have a good stay and please do not hesitate to see myself, Matthew  or any of the staff if there is anything we can do for you.


Matthew & Heather


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